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I Was A Pixie Wife


Charles, Kim, David, Joey, circa 1992

Although it’s the 20th anniversary of the day I got married, I’m not celebrating 20 years of wedded bliss.   I’m merely noting that 20 years ago this week, in the grip of optimism, I tied the knot with a lovely man who should surely have known better.

David was in the Pixies, and these days, when I mention him, it’s because I’m working an angle — chances are that if I’m talking about David, I’m trying to worm my way into the heart of a job-wielding hipster.  I speak of David so infrequently that most of my friends don’t  know I was married; the ones that do think it’s bizarre. I can barely commit to getting out of bed once a day — thinking that I was somehow capable of taking this man til death do us part was akin to thinking I could do neurosurgery or sit through a Black Eyed Peas show.

I could have deluded myself into marrying an asshole but thankfully, I married David, who was both kind and tolerant.  He was thoughtful, compassionate, and, most of all, he had a sense of humor.    When the Pixies were in season, we’d have a blast, hooking up in London, Paris or New York, and when they weren’t, we’d have a blast in LA.  I liked being with David and, other than the time he forced me to see Rush, we almost always got along.

The Pixies broke up shortly after David and I got married, and I felt bad for him; he had to put up with both the loss of the band and the addition of me. David had been a drummer and a highly decorated Radio Shack employee when the Pixies got together, and, unfortunately, he’d never done anything else.  He was gobsmacked, as was I:  I’d been a girlfriend with a boyfriend on the road, and suddenly I was a wife with a 24/7 husband in the house.

David realizes his mistake.

David realizes his mistake.

My response to David’s status as a stay-at-homer was to travel as much as possible.  I was a publicist, and I went wherever I could whenever I could get away with it.  (I  once piggybacked an Oasis gig in Manchester with a Celine Dion junket in Montreal and, rather than return to Los Angeles, I went to see Iron Maiden in Memphis, Tennessee.)   It wasn’t a solid strategy, and, not surprisingly, our marriage didn’t last.  We got divorced a mere 18 years shy of our 20th Anniversary.

David and I may have been mismatched, but my memories of our time together are  pleasant.  I’m  think David would say the same. After all,  we’re both doing well.  He remarried, the band reunited, and I have boxes of Pixies swag.

2 comments on “I Was A Pixie Wife

  1. ericandbecky
    April 26, 2016

    I wonder what you think of the book “X Saves the World”? The Pixies were such a pivotal force to the author. (Becky)


    • Julie Farman
      May 2, 2016

      I’m so sorry that I haven’t responded more quickly. Your comments (and Eric’s) were at the very top of my Reasons to Be Happy List last week. I was just completely overwhelmed. At any rate – A) thank you and b)I haven’t read the book. I need to! I used to talk to Jeff when i was a publicist, and we’re friends on Facebook (which, of course, barely counts). He’s a great writer. I just finished Bob Mehr’s book about the Replacements, which was everything I would ever have wanted a biography of the band to be. Thank you again. Going to check out Eff the 90s (great name) when I get through the massive amount of work I blew off last week.


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